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  • Thursday, April 19, 2018
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AECMN EdChat April 19, 2018

Mindful Presence: One's Ideal Learning Space 

Integrative Services are those complementary mind-body-spirit treatments that are offered to our patients and families along with standard care. This is a blooming field of care and really, is the best of both worlds. Our services can help especially with anxiety of illness and hospitalization. It can make the patient as comfortable as possible, in helping to manage the side effects of treatment as well as symptoms of the illness itself.

These holistic, more natural treatments are very gentle and welcomed by those who want something more natural to work with their medical care in hospital. Integrative modalities can assist a patient to cope with the responsibility of school by it making a patient “feel better” while doing their homework…for example. The student who is feeling more relaxed, less fatigued, and nauseated or with less or no pains and aches is more able to normalize himself with school. This works hand in hand with educational services, allowing the process of learning to go more smoothly in the hospital environment. 


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